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Package Sale, New Rates, & Lunaroma!

Hello everyone! Welcome to the new blog! As we head into Fall, I've got some big changes and exciting news for you all....

Fall Package Sale:

This Fall, invest in your health while taking advantage of 15-20% off all massage packages! Packages do not expire and can be shared with friends & family. Sale ends Sunday, September 13th. Purchase on the website or by phone (802-448-2114).

Please note: If purchasing online, the system will prompt you to schedule the first session in the package at the time of purchase. If you'd prefer not to book an appointment right away, you can either book the session and immediately cancel it from your account, or purchase the package over the phone.

Upcoming Rate Changes:

It's that time again, friends. Starting October 1st, 2020, my rates will be increasing. Any appointments booked before October 1st (regardless of the actual appointment date) will be subject to the old rate. My new rates are as follows:

*30 Minute Customized Massage: $50

*60 Minute Customized Massage: $85

*90 Minute Customized Massage: $110

*120 Minute Customized Massage: $145

*30 Minute CBD Herbal Massage: $65

*60 Minute CBD Herbal Massage: $100

*90 Minute CBD Herbal Massage: $125

*120 Minute CBD Herbal Massage: $160

*30 Minute Cupping: $50


-Cupping: $15

-Foot Scrub: $15

-Extra 15 Minutes: $15

-CBD Salve Spot Treatment: $5

New Lunaroma Products & Aromatherapy Massage Coming Soon!

Keeping your wellbeing in mind, I take great care in choosing massage oils and lotions from companies that uphold the highest standards for organic and responsibly sourced ingredients. In an effort to source these products locally while maintaining the same high level of quality, I've decided to transition to Lunaroma (right down on Pine St) for all essential oils and aromatherapy products used in the studio! Lunaroma has been expertly handcrafting essential oil products for 20 years, and their offerings are simply amazing. I'm so excited for this change and can't wait for you to enjoy this wonderful aromatic bliss! (Note: If you are sensitive to fragrances, please know that essential oils are an optional part of your massage. Just ask if you'd prefer a scent-free experience).

Along with these lovely Lunaroma additions, there will be an "Aromatherapy Massage" option coming soon! This is a wonderful option for those of you who'd like an immersive aromatherapeutic experience, complete with wonderful scents and a nourishing aromatic massage oil blend of your choosing. Stay tuned for more updates!

That's it for now. Thank you all for your incredible continued support during the wildness of these past few months. I appreciate each of you so much, and hope to see you soon!

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